Lawn mowing

Most of the prices for lawn mowing are between 25 and 40 dollars per cut. While lawn size is a significant factor in determining price, other factors include amount of trimming and edging, number and size of obstacles, stairs and hills, accessibility and other special circumstances. We will provide an exact price at the time of the consultation.

Fertilizer application

Our Full Year Lawn Nutrition Package combines five different fertilizers throughout the year from March through November with spring and fall lime in 12 different applications. The price for this combined service for an average lawn at which we provide regular mowing service is $195.

Other services

Please note that the following prices are based on the average Vancouver lawn, and that an exact quote will be given during your free consultation.

Lawn mowing $32
Full Year Lawn Nutrition Package $195
Individual fertilizer application $27
Lime application $27
Aeration $54
Power raking $175
Liquid moss control $65
Chafer beetle control Merit: $149, nematodes: $179
Overseeding $55
Lawn topdressing $395
Garden topdressing 1st yard of soil: $115, further yards: $100
Hedge trimming enquire
Junk removal service from $40
Pressure washing from $50
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